In the latest HKRB Interview, philosopher Frank Ruda has an extended discussion with our co-editor Alfie Bown about all aspects of freedom, including whether we should even want to be free. Topics range from Bush to Merkel and Marx to Dolar.

Frank Ruda is a philosopher and one of the most prominent scholars of Hegel and of Psychoanalysis in the world. He is a member of the department at the Freie Universität Berlin and a visiting professor at the Scientific Research Centre in Ljubljana. He has published a number of books and articles on Hegel, Badiou and psychoanalysis, and has a co-written book with former HKRB interviewee Agon Hamza.

His latest book is a controversial and important intervention into political and theoretical discussion. Published with Nebraska University Press, Abolishing Freedom claims that we need to do away with kind of the ‘freedom’ we often believe in today and completely re-conceptualize what it means…

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