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Check out this great Dirk Baeckers project The Catjects. The Catjects Project aims at answering Niklas Luhmann’s question of what the culture form of next society may consist in. After having boundaries as the culture form of tribal society, telos, of... weiterlesen →

“In order for a research paper to reach a wider demographic and have a greater impact on its readers, the writer must follow the unspoken laws of art”: Artist Victoria Lomasko on education, politics and her place in the art world

Victoria Lomasko is a graphic artist, with a specific focus on graphic reportage. Topics of her work are some of the most provocative issues of Russian society today: the tension between religious tradition and the ever-evolving modern society, the true... weiterlesen →

“I’ve realized that I should really go with what I believe in, even if it’s against the taste or opinion of others”: Artist Shira Wachsmann on her artistic practices and its connection to Cacti, smartphones and philosophy

Shira Wachsmann is a visual artist based in Berlin. She was born in Israel, travelled across India, spent some time in London and finally settled in the German capital ten years ago. We’ve talked to her about her work, life... weiterlesen →

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